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Making of Taare Zameen Par title animation

Why clay animation? After the completion of the film, the sequences where animation was to be used were planned. They were mostly dream sequences, where the boy is lost in his own world of fantasy. There are many transitions from one fantasy to the other. Aamir did not want to use human characters in the animation. He wanted elements from nature - fish, animals, birds, plants, flowers and so on. Various kinds of samples were created and he liked the clay animation. There is a certain tactile quality to this technique. As children play with plasticine or modelling clay, it became more of an obvious choice. There is an organic feel to the medium, which is not achievable through computer-generated animation. Clay is something that everyone can relate to easily.

For some of the transitions we made replacements models and used them to speed up the actual animation process like in the scene where the peacock turns into a flower, Watermelon turns into Moon etc Instead of modeling and animating directly on the table.

Vishal making under water Back ground

Arvind busy making Pizza Planet

Harshad detailing the elephant, Arvind with his miniature kite

This video shows all the details of making of TZP title. It was shot by Arvind while I was shooting.

Arvind Chudasama, Aamir Khan, Dhimant Vyas, Vishal Mhala, Harshad Godbole( in front)

‘Dear Dhimant, Thanks for the magic, Love- Aamir 23/ 08/ 2008’

Dhimant Vyas and Aamir khan

Dhimant Vyas and Aamir khan

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  1. Hardik Vyas Feb 18th 2009

    We are Proud of U. Site looks Great!!!
    - Hardik Vyas

  2. Hello Kaka! Waiting for more…

  3. Awesome work. God has indeed bestowed you with great talent. Keep up the great work. My wife was taught by you at ZICA and she told me about your site.

    We really enjoyed the titles of TZP. May we see more of your work in the times to come.


  4. Dhimukaka, Great site..perfect fit for the talented person like you. I wanted to ask you a thing…do you want to add one more menu item to your looooong list..? I’ve a T Shirt which you painted! It has the tabla player from ‘Raag Malhar’ I don’t wear it..but I’ve kept is as your memory..! Now I know it is priceless! See you (whenever you are in Mumbai).

  5. anu tandon Mar 3rd 2009

    Am still smiling,love your work Dhimant ! wish you every success.

  6. gargi joshi Mar 3rd 2009

    hi mama …. !!! u r simply a animation rock star******!!!!!!!

  7. gargi joshi Mar 3rd 2009

    its very nice,it looks the effort of your own…great!!!

  8. Dhimant jee,
    superb work !!!
    nice site also. expecting MORE ..!

  9. good job….

  10. Heena vyas Mar 7th 2009

    Excellent work !
    wonderful site,expecting more. . .!!

  11. sonar bhavsar Mar 9th 2009

    hello sir,
    i have no words for your work. you did excellent job.
    God has really give you very great grace for art.
    Do more batter in future and shine the name of India.
    Your site is also very good.
    God Bless You

  12. Heena sompura Mar 10th 2009

    beautiful work!

  13. Chandravadan Vyas Mar 13th 2009

    tari web site khoob saras chhe.
    badhi mahiti, work no samaesh karel te gamyu….

  14. Ashvin Vyas Mar 13th 2009

    keep it up…
    very good web site and very good work…
    we all proud of you…

  15. Uday Trivedi Mar 16th 2009

    Dear Mr. Dhimant Vyas,
    I am very happy to see your web. You have a lots of creativity and that you have proved by your work. It only happens when you do a hard work.Keep it up.. WIsh you all the best for your bright future. Also we need more & more beautiful creations from U…!!!

  16. Uday Trivedi Mar 16th 2009

    We all proud of U.

  17. Shyam Varghese Mar 17th 2009

    Dear Mr Dhimant Vyas,
    I am very delighted to see your web and Creativity.
    It shows the depth of your creativity, great job done………..
    keep it up
    expecting more specacular creations in future..
    Jai ho

  18. M. P. Mehta Mar 19th 2009

    Keep it up!!!!
    Great work done…

  19. Its really amazing work… proud of your work!

  20. ધીમંતભાઈ,

    જલ્સો કરાવી દીધો તમે તો…. હજી વધારે માહીતી મુકો તો મજો પડી જાહે !

  21. keyur dave Mar 28th 2009

    great work,site got its unique touch
    just like you.very creative and colourful.
    nice to see .
    keep it on
    good wishes.

  22. sanjay kumar Apr 1st 2009

    Dear Mr Dhimant Vyas,
    I am very delighted to see your Creativity. great job done………..
    keep it up and I m very big fan of u from sriven animation studio.
    expecting more specacular creations in future..

  23. sahil trivedi Apr 2nd 2009

    hi mama, GREAT SITE!!!! it helps me to learn more about my work…….& waiting for more…….

  24. Nilomee Apr 6th 2009

    Dear Mr.Vyas… i was stunned and amazed when i sa the clay animation at the begnning of the movie it was FABULOUS!! the set looks amazing and perfectly dreamlike ! i congratulate u on your sucess .!
    I am hoping to becoing an NIDian like you!

  25. Maqbool Ahmad Journalist Apr 10th 2009

    I am very proud of you. I hope one day you will get Oscar award. You shined the India name in the world.

  26. oscar francis May 11th 2009

    hi dhimant very nicely presented

  27. Dear Vyas, wonderful effort, dedication, laced with your creativity.

    Hope to see many more of your works in future. Keep up the Great Work going.

  28. Dear Sir,
    Tremendously great job done by you. It has come out very professional, awesome & amazing. I wish you all the best for your bright future. I want to see your more beautiful work in the near future. Good wishes & Best Regards.

  29. Hi Dhimant
    Vandana pointed out the site to me. Great to see your work especially the TZP title sequence.
    Keep up the good work

  30. Somu arumugam May 29th 2009


    Very impressed, good to have a master like you in our period. We often quote foreign animators for motivating our team, its good we have our own.

    Somu Arumugam.S
    Lead animator.India.

  31. Rajesh Gopinadhan Jun 21st 2009

    Great work and encouraging…ur characters and especially the total look and feel everthing ia interesting..

  32. Great work! Cant even imagine how much hard work must have gone into it. SUPERB. MA - London, UK

  33. Namita Sharma Aug 26th 2009

    Hi Dhimant,

    Great work. Many Congratulations!!! Good luck with all your inspirations and aspirations.

  34. Great inpiration …beautiful making…kaka ur great.

  35. Avadhesh Sep 13th 2009

    Gr8 works..! awesome something diff. unique. i really love this animation…!keep going .. m waiting for ur next work….gud luck.!

  36. Excellent work. I really would love to have an opportunity to work with you in 3D medium sometime.

    Shashwat Brahmbhatt
    Animation Director
    MEL (Mumbai)

  37. jatin pandya Dec 26th 2009

    congrets sir. i feel very proud to meet you at i.s.collage of fine art.vvnagar.and you worked very hard.
    i am a student of foundation apllid.i want to work lie you.
    thank you sir.

  38. wow! Its wonderful to see the whole thing together. Loved the work on TZP. I wish you more success and good work.
    Congratulations to the team as well!
    warm regards

  39. Aiswarya Apr 3rd 2010

    Amazing work sir!…I am a big fan of yours…specially Taare zameen par….as a student we got a lot of ideas from your website…kudos to you & your team…
    warm regards

  40. we proud of you……..ur old student of our fine arts coleg

  41. hi Mr. Dhimant
    i have seen your pictures while making of Shaun the Sheep..i really loved tha..i like Shaun alot..i have seen on BBC site that each footage consists of seven seconds..so how many shots did the cameraman take for each seconds? can you tell me some details plz coz i do want to make a small project myself…i am from Kurdistan, north of iraq…plz help me…

  42. Nivedita Jun 2nd 2010

    Hello Sir

    This is nivedita from MAAC Anand Vihar(New Delhi)..today i got a news from our Institute that you are coming here for a seminar and workshop. I will be happy to know more about clay animation, which i haven’t done yet.. i have a doubt in me that as i havent had any exposure in clay animation, will this workshop provide me that extra edge?

  43. karan kapil Jun 3rd 2010

    sir, after going through ur work, i have to say just one thing that..
    looking forward to see you in Delhi.

  44. nikhil Jun 13th 2010

    hi sir, its a nice piece of art and creativity u have put in this act of yours.
    there is a favour i need from you sir if u don’t mind. m looking for a clay to work with. so please do suggest me the type of clay i should use for doing clay animation.

    thnkx a lot Sir for doing a Gr8 work for the inidan industry..

    nikhil verma
    ( classical animator & compositor)

  45. kriti tewaree Jun 28th 2010

    hello Sir,
    it was amazing to see your work at KAKA KI KAKSHA(the seminar) held today(28th june 2010), it was inspiring for me to see the kind of hard work n passion + patience that reflects in your creativity. it would be great if a workshop could be held at maac rajouri as well on CLAMATION. i thoroughly loved going through your website n blog as well, where i could see more genres of your work ranging from animation to painting, sculpture, sketches, illustrations..and so on! Sir keep inspiring us and all the very best for your future projects!
    -kriti (a budding animator n creative designer)

  46. hi sir, it was my pleasure meeting such a nice person like you at d claymation workshop held recently at maac. You were amazing sir !!!!!
    enjoyed d workshop a lot
    HATS OFF TO U SIR!!!!!!!!. Thanks for sharing ur experiences wid us….

  47. HELLO SIR.. It was a great pleasure 4. MAAC’s students dat dey gt a chance to meet a GREAT person like you at d claymation workshop…. V all enjoyed d workshop nd gt help in claymation through ur experience………… looking forward to see you in delhi again……

  48. Partha Chowdhury Aug 13th 2010

    Congrets sir…

  49. Jitendra Khater Aug 21st 2010

    Hello Sir, Thank You for giving us valuable information about the making of a Stop Motion Animation alongside making of “Taare Zameen Par” and “Shawn the Sheep” in Kolkata. More interesting was your way of interaction with all the students whcih made us comfortable to ask you answers to our questions.

    Hope in near future you will share some more interesting facts about animation industry and give light on the facts which will help us grow in our career path.

    Hats off to your passion and patience!!!

  50. nazia khan Sep 5th 2010

    very beautiful n creative work… its somthing new n original master piece!!

  51. nazia khan Sep 5th 2010

    very beautiful n creative work… its something new n original master piece!!

  52. Hi Sir,

    I just want to know how much time ur team has taken to complete the such a amazing work of making of taare zameen par title.


  53. hello sir….u workk is jst soo magical…..luved all ur wrkk specially this one..amazing..:)

  54. Shweta Singh Sep 29th 2010

    Your work is very inspirational for me….great sir !!!!

  55. Hello sir, ur da best clay model artist and i love ur works and how thoughts r presented in ur animation

  56. laurnen Nov 11th 2010

    i love dis movie—i love aamir khan n everything of dis wonderful movie

  57. sarvani batra Jan 3rd 2011

    U hav introduced the Indian Film Industry with an untouched beautiful art………ur work is mind blowing m inspired by u ……….Thanks for your great creations!

  58. kamal kaushal Mar 22nd 2011

    I realy feel its too fantabulous work , its realy inspired me lot as an art teacher , thanks for the great creation

  59. debashish Mar 25th 2011

    ….its not an ordinary animation……….its the actual expression of a kid….what a marvelous act……..great…..

  60. dear sir this is the great effort of yours

  61. sir pls I just want to know how much time ur team has taken to complete the such a amazing work of making of taare zameen par titel

  62. thamilharasi Apr 29th 2011

    Hi sir, great work!!!
    TZP title shows ur experience and hard work…
    good job. keep it up…

  63. Naveen Lingam May 13th 2011

    Hi sir,
    Awesome…. Mind blowing…. I like your confidence in implementing this kinda critical n crucial work which no one has done before…and I am sure no one could do better than you, in fact…. :)

  64. Dear Sir,

    After attending your workshop at FTII ,I was blown,You are just not a great man,when work is concerned,you are a great man wit such a humble attitude!!And that’s the best part I learnt from you today Sir.Thank you so much for coming and spending your time with us and sharing so mch of knowledge


  65. you are really fantabulous i love your creativity in taare zameen par and i love your shaun the sheep too please let it be always with us please continue shaun the sheep.

  66. deepak Jun 28th 2011

    hi i am deepak its very nice to see your work.

  67. Sandya Aug 19th 2011

    Hello Sir~! Big Fan of yours!! very eager to know if I can learn clay animation from you…is there an institute or school/group that you are currently mentoring..please do let me know…I’d be blessed to learn this marvellous art from the best and thats you :) :) all the best to all your future endeavours…<3

  68. hello my dear friends i see your panting i like it him very much but i like panting i made maney panting and you see i hope you would like it …….thanks a lottttttttt ………………………………i like Amir Khan….?…..Z ALI

  69. Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer one thing back and help others such as you aided me.

  70. hello, sir
    Great WorK in TARE ZAMEEN PAR…….
    clay animation is very nice.
    great creation…………superb film

  71. HI,

    I like your clay animation.If you have videos of all these I show it to my child & childerns who I know & I show it to every mother whom i know .

    Thanks & regards
    Rashmi zapke

  72. I don’t even understand how I stopped up here, but I believed this submit used to be good. I do not realize who you’re but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger in case you are not already. Cheers!

  73. pandiyan Feb 24th 2014

    I like your clay animation super……

  74. Suman Kundu Apr 18th 2015

    Really Excellent…!!!

  75. kidzrhymeshall Jun 20th 2015

    superb work !!!

  76. kidzrhymeshall Jun 24th 2015

    grt work sir really inspiring..

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