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Download the wallpapers

Download wallpapers based on your computer screen resolution-
tzp-001-thumb  tzp-002-thumb  tzp-003-thumb  tzp-004-thumb
1024 X 768            1024 X 768            1024 X 768           1024 X 768
1280 X 1024          1280 X 1024           1280 X 1024         1280 X 1024
1440 X 900            1440 X 900            1440 X 900           1440 X 900
1680 X 1050          1680 X 1050           1680 X 1050         1680 X 1050

tzp-005-thumb  tzp-006-thumb  tzp-007-thumb  tzp-008-thumb
1024 X 768        1024 X 768        1024 X 768        1024 X 768
1280 X 1024       1280 X 1024      1280 X 1024      1280 X 1024
1440 X 900        1440 X 900        1440 X 900        1440 X 900
1680 X 1050       1680 X 1050      1680 X 1050      1680 X 1050

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5 Replies

  1. Shailesh Jul 22nd 2009

    Dhimant, you truly are gifted. Anybody can learn animation, but imagination, now that’s a gift. And more than the technical skills, its your imagination which you translate to your canvas that holds a child’s attention. My kid just loves the TZP titles just for the splendid imagination you have weaved thru your animation. Amazing art, amazing expressions, too good, and unbelievably in an Indian film.

    Thanks a ton, and looking forward to more of such stuff.

  2. Hey Dhimant, Great work. Truly a great form of animation art in all forms. Nice work specially the work you have on your website. I heard about the greeting card you made for someone very special for you. I very proud to meet you at TASI programs and your contribution to the world of animation.
    Wish you all the best for future. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dileep G krishna Apr 23rd 2010

    hey, Dhimant I’m a die hard fan of yours,i’m also an animator .Just started my career, developing myself…. i wish i could get some tips from u . I’m working in kerala in a small firm. I really like ur style…..

  4. sam qiu Jan 16th 2012

    Hi. I’m a chinese. Not good in English .Coming here.just want to say you are very very great. I’m a student of a painting school.Hope oneday I will be a person who likes you.

  5. Hi sir,I’m a Indian born in tamilnadu.I am a student studing 9th.After seeing your pictures of I am wondered.Your imaginations are really creative.

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