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Posted in New Developments 9 years, 10 months ago at 5:24 pm.


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  1. Hardik Vyas Aug 27th 2009

    As usual….. Awesome…..something different

  2. Naresh Aug 27th 2009

    Great Talking Lines…. Beautiful

  3. Namita Sharma Aug 27th 2009

    Hi Dhimant, Very nice illustrations. What has this been done for? what is your inspiration?

  4. Hi Dhimant,

    Excellent illustrations!! Great to see such beautiful work first thing in the morning. Inspired… big time!
    Loved the style…… very Indian yet so very contemporary.

  5. Manoj Kuswaha Aug 27th 2009

    Very impressive work Sir..

  6. Wonderful.

  7. Very interesting style kaka. Can see them moving!
    Jai ho :)

  8. hi kaka,
    amazing work and so inspiring! but it seems digital.
    u used to do bg with chai ka pani right!…i loved the earlier ones as well…

  9. Rajasekhar Aug 28th 2009

    Hi Kaka, Lovely fluid lines. It would be great if could come up with some animation stuff with the same style

  10. RK deepak Aug 30th 2009

    Mind blowing work ! Frankly telling Kaka ,I feel belittled in front of your creativity !You surprise and make us speechless with your every creation ! could tell me the evolution process of your creations !

  11. oscar francis Aug 30th 2009

    Nice work Dhimant ! I guess that is the originality of your work.

  12. simply mind boggling and yummy treat for an eye……… :)

  13. Neha Sane Aug 30th 2009

    Hi Kaka,

    Simply love ur work..the new style is very interesting…!!
    Jus adore the decorative and flowy artwork. Wanna see more of these…:)

  14. Amazing work as usual! and great site, loved it all.
    Keep Inspiring.

  15. Amazine work sir. love to see more

  16. good inspiring work.!!……….like it

  17. All are very creative and thought based. I like them all. Kaka - Good work!

    One Request - Could you sometime do a series of nice lines activities on roasting topics like - “IDEAS FOR KILLING POVERTY IN 3RD WORLD NATIONS” and “HOW TO STOP THE RACE & RELIGION DISCRIMINATION AROUND THE WORLD”.

    Take Care, with Love

  18. Can I order T shirts of aaaaallll of them?!!!Am still smiling from the after effects!

  19. ashish Aug 31st 2009

    awesome thoughts …so original

  20. Hi Firoz
    Thanks for the feedback,
    Good Idea to do series on topics suggested by you, wll sure do,

  21. amazing work..very original.

  22. vaishali Sep 18th 2009

    awesome work…have always beenn a fan of your work. very inspiring. thanx for sharing :)

  23. Hardik Vyas Oct 1st 2009

    Many many Happy Returns of the Day!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    C U Soon…

  24. Kem Chho
    dhimant Vyas

    Nice work and Different Idea I like it.

    ( a’bad )

  25. jamshid maylanchi Dec 25th 2009

    dhimant-wonderful as always been.

    great work

  26. wonderful art , great to know you . love visit my blag too and my art

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